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the Girl Banker Podcast

Dec 8, 2022

When I dreamed up The Girl Banker, I could never have imagined being here five years later. What started as my little side project has grown into something much bigger, and that growth proves to me the importance of this message for this moment. Join me and Allyson Twiggs Dyer of The Twiggs Group as we talk about the...

Mar 10, 2022

Natalie interviews author, executive coach, and keynote speaker, Sarah Noll Wilson and discusses her new book "Don't Feed the Elephants."  If you're a leader or up-and-coming executive, you don't want to miss this episode and you most definitely want to check out Sarah's new book! 

Jan 19, 2022

Author and motivational speaker, Darlene Ellison, who also serves as Senior Vice President and Community Banker Lender at Veritex Community Bank in Dallas, TX joins the podcast to tell how she overcame a family trauma and used her experience to help others.